RADAR for Pleasurecraft

This course covers the different types of RADAR equipment, including their capabilities and limitations. .

Understand the available features and how they apply to your needs. Learn to navigate using RADAR, and to determine where you are using a RADAR simulator so that you may practice its many features.

  • Introduction to RADAR
  • The Antenna
  • The RADAR Beam
  • The Display Unit
  • Interpreting the Screen
  • Integration
  • Weather
  • Navigating
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Radar Installation (Bigger, Higher, Better)
  • Maintenance
  • Summary & Future Trends
  • Antenna Heights and Distances
  • Range, VRM, EBL
  • Learning to interpret Targets, Plotting
  • Speed, Six Minute Rule, The ERBL
  • Relative Motion and Relative Speed
  • Closest Point of Approach, MARPA, Collision Avoidance
  • Heads-Up, North-Up, Course-Up
  • Waypoints ...
Next Course
3 Evenings or 1 Day (8 Hrs)
For Manual and Exam.
$70.00 – member
$75.00–- non-member
$40.00 – 2nd family member - member
$45.00 – 2nd family member - non-member
$25.00 for Course Manual
$30.00 to challenge the Exam
A minimum of four students are required.
Exam Challenges:
Exam challenges may be available at other times depending on demand. The manual is always available. Please contact our Squadron for details.
Please contact our Squadron for details.
St. Patrick’s High School
2525 Alta Vista Drive, Ottawa

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