GPS Satellite
Navigating with GPS

This seminar is for the mariner who would like to understand how GPS works to provide the user with important positioning information. The course material has been completely revised to include units with mapping / chart plotting capabilities and consists of a student manual and an instructional CD. It emphasizes the strengths and weaknesses of the Global Positioning System. It describes the levels of accuracy which can be expected while using standard GPS, Differential GPS and WAAS. Other potential errors and how to deal with them are also discussed.

It begins by explaining the evolution of the Global Positioning System to the present day. This is followed by a brief discussion on Navigation Fundamentals and the terminology associated with plotting a course and the vessel's position. The CD contains a fully functional GPS Simulator which provides a hands - on tool which the student can use to create Waypoints and Routes and run a course while tracking the vessel's progress and displaying its' ever changing parameters such as ETE, VMG, XTE, COG etc. The course explains how to correctly install a GPS receiver on a vessel, to evaluate its performance and to identify and correct potential interference problems.

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8 Hrs
$70.00 – Member
$75.00 – Non-member
$40.00 – 2nd family member - member
$45.00 – 2nd family member - non-member
$45.00 – Home Study + $20.00 exam fee
A minimum of four students are required.
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St. Patrick’s High School
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