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Electronic Charting

This course takes over where Navigating with GPS leaves off, with the more advanced features of electronic charting. Learn about the different kinds of electronic charting, how they were developed, their advantages and disadvantages, and how to use them in a practical manner.

Get the latest information about connecting your GPS to a laptop, desktop, PDA or tablet computer, and the use of navigational programs for computers. You get practical knowledge by using an electronic charting program that is included on the accompanying CD with over 200 electronic charts.

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3 Evenings or 1 Day (8 Hrs)
Includes course kit and exam
$70.00 – member
$75.00 – non-member
$40.00 – 2nd family member - member
$45.00 – 2nd family member - non-member
$45.00 for Course Manual (includes Instructional CD) + $20.00 exam fee
Course Kit:
Includes Student Notes, Homework Folder.
A minimum of four students are required.
Please contact our Squadron for details.
St. Patrick’s High School
2525 Alta Vista Drive, Ottawa

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