(Previously identified as Piloting)

The course builds on the knowledge acquired in the Boating Essentials course. It discusses the aspects of regulations, navigational and intermediate plotting skills; seamanship skills, emergencies and boat’s capabilities and performance.

A graduate of the Seamanship Course will have the theoretical knowledge to be able to handle a boat in rough weather, and to deal with emergency situations.

Boating Course subjects are expanded to include Relative Bearings and the Running Fix; effects of current and leeway, and new skills in marlinspike and coastal navigation are learned.

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"Boating Essentials" Course
13 Weeks
$160.00 - member
$180.00 - non-member
$120.00 - 2nd family member - member
$140.00 - 2nd family member - non-member
Course Kit:
Includes: Student Notes; Homework Questions and Answers; Training Chart "ICCA9996"; and exam.

A minimum of four students are required.

Please contact our Squadron for details.
St. Patrick’s High School
2525 Alta Vista Drive, Ottawa

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