Stary Sky
Celestial Navigation

This course combines the original works of Junior Navigator and Navigator and applies the sciences of cartography and astronomy to set a course and determine a position at sea. Emphasis is placed on "how" to navigate and, with basic math and calculator skills, the student will have little difficulty. For proper study, the student will require the use of Bowditch, current-year Nautical Almanac and Star Finder. The student will also require a scientific hand-held calculator with trigonometric capability.

Course Content:

Use of the sextant, electronic navigation, the Nautical Almanac, sight reduction by formula and scientific calculator, the Pilot and Great Circle charts and much, much more.

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Recommended previous course:
"Advanced Piloting" Course
24 Weeks
$200.00 + texts and sextant(required)
Student required to purchase:
Bowditch $90.00
Nautical Almanac $40.00
Star and Planet Guide $60.00
This is a core course and is available to CPS members only. A minimum of four students are required.
Please contact our Squadron for details.
St. Patrick’s High School
2525 Alta Vista Drive, Ottawa

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